School Cleaning

School Cleaning Services

Schools need the regular cleaning service, as much as any other department does. Desks and chairs where they sit and put their stuff, staff rooms, principal office, and everything needs to be shining with cleanliness. This gives children a neat and welcoming environment to study, parents and other visitors stay satisfied. Yellow zone offers the following services for school cleaning.
  • Mopping and brooming the floor in every classroom.
  • Dusting off the debris from desks and chairs. Cleaning the whiteboard.
  • Dusting the shelves.
  • Wiping the window glass and window panes.
  • Cleaning the bathroom thoroughly.
  • Mopping the bathroom floor and sanitizing the toilet.
  • Washing the bidet and sink thoroughly.
  • Clean the mirrors and windows.
  • Broom and mop the staff room.
  • Dust off the furniture; cupboard, couches, coffee table, desk, chairs, and shelves.
  • Then comes the principal office, mopping, dusting, and cleaning, everything is done thoroughly here too.
  • Throwing away the garbage out to the dumpsters.
  • Washing the school porch and tidying up the playground.

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