Sanitization & Disinfection

Sanitization and Disinfection service in Dubai

The epidemic of COVID-19 has brought attention to appropriate sanitation procedures in various enterprises and public spaces. Keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean and disinfected right now is the most essential concern.

Yellow Zone, the leading Dubai municipality-approved disinfection company, adheres to the highest levels of service procedures, so we’re not afraid to brag about our years of expertise in providing routine maintenance for your house or company. We are at the top of the game in Dubai, delivering the most significant level of sanitization to all types of structures, including homes, companies, and workplaces.

We are aware of and embrace the newest advances in the sanitization and disinfection industry as professional cleaning and disinfection firm. As a result, we can provide you with disinfection and sanitization services in Dubai using the most up-to-date solutions, ensuring that your house, business, and surroundings are safe.

Our employees are outfitted with the appropriate PPE, gloves, and masks, and we make sure they are adequately protected before beginning any cleaning task. Coronavirus has affected our lives significantly. We would not want you or your loved ones affected by the virus. Our professional staff will clean and disinfect every nook of your house or workplace to ensure your safety in an environment where you spend most of your time.

With the Coronavirus, it has become more important to keep yourself and your surroundings clean. You should often wash, sanitize and disinfect your hands after brief periods and have your surroundings as clean as possible to guarantee your safety.

Dubai Municipality-Approved Sanitization & Disinfectant Service

Yellow Zone home sanitization and disinfect service in Dubai believe that there are many scams in the industry, and we do not want you to be a part of it. Thus, we can assure you that our sanitization service, products and chemicals that we utilize are also Dubai Municipality-approved and are fully qualified as per its guidelines and health and safety measures.

Our staff has also been well trained in disinfection services and hold certification by the Sanosil Mena-disinfectants for life and SQC, a known brand for environmental and health safety.  

Hence, our staff is both professional and an expert in providing the sanitization services that your surroundings need. Be it Coronavirus or any other germs, all the infiltration will be stopped once our service steps foot in your surroundings.

Certificate of Appreciation:

Moreover, Yellow Zone has been awarded and appreciated with The Certificate of Appreciation from the Dubai Municipality for its effective contribution towards the national sterilization program.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive disinfection service for offices and homes. We build a high-quality interior environment that begins with the air you breathe, then moves on to the surfaces of your home and workplace, water safety and quality, and ultimately, concepts that enrich your daily life. Yellow Zone provides unparalleled indoor commercial and residential disinfecting services.

Our sanitization process:

  • Our experts provide all the required equipment to sterilize and clean your premises (disinfecting solution, sanitizing spray, microfiber cloths, tissue, mask, overalls, and gloves).
  • All surfaces are first cleaned to remove any contaminants that may have accumulated.
  • Surfaces are then cleaned with a sanitation solution and allowed for a few minutes to dissolve and mechanically absorb at intervals on the surface – no rinse is required.
  • The sanitation solution, which can blend water and disinfectant and is approved by the Dubai Municipality, is safe to use around children, pets, and surfaces.
  • A disinfectant of hospital quality is used.
  • Organisms, viruses, germs, other diseases, and most significantly, Coronavirus (COVID-19) are killed 99.999% of the time through our tested disinfectant service.

Advance technology:

Yellow Zone also uses the most up-to-date touch-free disinfection technology to increase cleaning standards and ensure no germs are left alive. Our most recent technology not only sanitizes and cleans surfaces but also automatically cleans the air. We utilize a transparent, non-leaching, ecologically friendly, and non-corrosive substance. The disinfectant’s non-oxidative nature makes it suitable for a wide range of external materials. In order to safeguard your premises from contamination, we provide complete COVID-19 disinfection and sanitization of your home and offices. Click to Book an Appointment Now

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