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House Cleaning Service

Are you looking for trustworthy cleaning services in Dubai? Do you want someone to take care of your house cleaning? Then, make an appointment at Yellow Zone – 5 Star Cleaning and Maid service in Dubai, we will provide you with a variety of home cleaning services, and you won’t see any dirt in any corner of your home. Our cleaning service is considered the best all across Dubai. Contact us for the best cleaning service.

Cleaning Service in Dubai

House cleaning is one of the hectic tasks; you have to put a lot of effort into cleaning it. And when you are mostly busy with work and leading a busy life, you need someone to take care of the cleaning activity behind your back. Someone who won’t just do it to get it done with the task, but who would do it with all dedication.

Our cleaners in Yellow Zone cleaning and maid service company are diligent with their work and the variety of cleaning services they provide; you won’t see any other cleaner service deal with your house the same way. Not just that, our cleaning and maid service team is also there for you to clean your home seven days of the week.

You can call us anytime between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Call Now to book House Cleaning & Maid Service

A solution to your House Cleaning Needs

We give you a perfect solution for your busy schedule, and we take up the cleaning out of your timetable. If the pandemic does not let you decide whether to appoint a cleaning service, take this worry out of your mind as all our cleaners are fully vaccinated. So you don’t have to worry about that. We care for our customers and take measures beforehand.

Get to know the tasks we get you done in our house cleaning service:

Services included in House Cleaning

Yellow Zone is one of the best housekeeping, cleaning services in Dubai. Our workers are responsible enough to not leave any area in your whole house uncleaned. Every part that needs to get cleaned is carefully and efficiently done.

Living Room and Dining Cleaning

Dusting and cleaning the coffee table and dining table.
Dusting off the couches, sofas, and curtains.
Vacuuming the rugs.
Mopping the floors.
Assembling the decoration pieces.
Wiping dining chairs and arm chairs in the living room.

Bedroom Cleaning

Dusting away the dirt from all the furniture in your bedroom including the curtains.
Assembling the dressing table top.
It follows by wiping all the mirrors and glass tops of side tables and shelves.
Wiping the windows.
Mopping the floor and vacuuming the rugs or carpets.
Dusting off and vacuuming the sofas and couches.
Changing the sheets and putting away the dirty ones in their right place.
Folding and setting the comforters and blankets.

Bathroom Cleaning

Dusting off all the accessible areas is a must.
Washing and sanitizing the toilet, bidet, bathtub, and sink.
Wiping all mirrors and glass fixtures in your bathroom.
Washing and moping every inch of the bathroom floor and wiping the wall tiles.
Cleaning the exhaust fans and windows.
Our workers take out garbage from time to time with responsibility.

Kitchen Cleaning

Washing dishes, drying them off, and setting them in the stand.
Wiping the slab and stove.
Cleaning the sink thoroughly.
Mopping and brushing the floor.
Thoroughly cleaning the microwave and fridge.

Balcony Cleaning

Mopping the balcony floor.
Watering the plants, if there are any.
Wiping the rail.

Why Choose Us

Our workers are diligent and friendly.
They are professional and extremely punctual.
Provide the whole house cleaning with efficiency.
Dedicated towards their work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is totally up to you. Most clients prefer to have the cleaning done when not at home. However, we recommend that you stay at home on the first visit so that you may show the housekeeper around your home. And give him / her precise instructions, if any, on how you want your home cleaned.
Yes, you can have the same maid for all your bookings. However, you might need to buy a monthly package or call customer service for your personalized booking.
Yes definitely. Our housemaid will show up with complete cleaning tools and solutions required to complete the cleaning session. All you need to do is pay an additional AED 5 per hour per housekeeper.
A housecleaning service may be booked daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You can also avail cleaning service for short span like per hour maid service. The frequency you choose is entirely dependent on your needs and preferences for your house and family.
Yes, you certainly can. 90% of our customers get a weekly cleaning with the same worker. If you have a recurrent appointment, we can provide you with the same cleaner.
In the UAE region, where dust is always unavoidable, we highly suggest a cleaning session every 2 days. However, of course, the preference is always yours to decide. We are flexible anytime and any day.
On request, the maids can do laundry and ironing as well as providing cleaning services. However, these are optional extras that can be avail by additional charges.
You can pay in a variety of ways, including cash or cheque or electronic transfer. Or you can pay the cleaner at the end of the service. For monthly or quarterly bookings, you can also direct deposit in the bank and share receipt, or you can come in person to the office.

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