Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Offices, schools, factories are some places where regular and thorough cleaning is a necessity. And professional help is always needed in that regard. You would need someone who can work thoroughly at such places, because they are spread on extended area, with so many rooms and different kinds of furniture. Commercial sites are built differently than apartments and houses. The home cleaners can’t do the job of commercial cleaning. We deal with office cleaning, office deep cleaning services, building cleaning, commercial cleaning services and much more.

Dubai is an emirate known for skyscrapers and is famous for commercial and industrial sites. Having a permanent cleaning staff is necessary to keep the place tidy. The schools and offices can’t be neglect either. They need a detailed daily cleaning as well, and someone to be hired frequently or permanently.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

The yellow zone has been providing efficient cleaning services in every department that you can think of. And our commercial cleaning is not behind in any way. With the most efficient staff and diligent service, we provide you with the utmost best.

Not just hectic, commercial cleaning is a task of some expert. There are many technical steps involved in it that should only be dealt with by someone who knows about it and has a swift hand in that area.

Proper, thorough cleaning is a must, and no one can spend time assisting a newcomer leaving their tasks at hand. And that is where you get to know the difference between a professional and a novice, especially for commercial cleaning; one would not need a novice. That is why Yellow Zone offers you, staff with high expertise in the department.

Following are some of the commercial services we offer. You can go through these for your satisfaction and call for an appointment once satisfied. On the contrary, we will be pleased to work with you.


Commercial Cleaning Dubai

Commercial in itself is a vast department, and its branches are spread out widely. When you say the term “commercial cleaning”, it can be related to factories, educational institutes, offices, hospitals, government departments, retails, etc. And we provide the solution for cleaning services for every single department that comes under commercial. We know how to make the world a tidy and clean place to live in, and we are very much aware of how much cleaning in these departments matters.

Office Cleaning & Office Deep Cleaning

Your office building should look welcoming and neatly maintained. It gives away your first impression, and that impression stays forever. On the other hand, suppose you would have your office cleaned rather untidy. In that case, it will make a difference in the eyes of your clients and visitors.

The yellow zone has got that covered for you, and the services we provide to keep your office space tidy are the following:

Sweeping the floor for cleaning mud that comes with dust and shoes.
Mopping the floor after, for cleaning the floor tiles.
Dusting off the debris and dust from desks, computers, chairs, and other shelves.
Wiping the glass windows and doors.
Dusting the tables and wiping their glass tops.
Mopping, sanitizing, and cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly.
Cleaning the office cafeteria; the floor, tables, seats, counters, hence, everything there.
Washing the dishes, and utensils.
Wasting the office garage.
Cleaning the dustbins.

School Cleaning Services

Schools need the regular cleaning service, as much as any other department does. Desks and chairs where they sit and put their stuff, staff rooms, principal office, and everything needs to be shining with cleanliness. This gives children a neat and welcoming environment to study, parents and other visitors stay satisfied. Yellow zone offers the following services for school cleaning.
Mopping and brooming the floor in every classroom.
Dusting off the debris from desks and chairs. Cleaning the whiteboard.
Dusting the shelves.
Wiping the window glass and window panes.
Cleaning the bathroom thoroughly.
Mopping the bathroom floor and sanitizing the toilet.
Washing the bidet and sink thoroughly.
Clean the mirrors and windows.
Broom and mop the staff room.
Dust off the furniture; cupboard, couches, coffee table, desk, chairs, and shelves.
Then comes the principal office, mopping, dusting, and cleaning, everything is done thoroughly here too.
Throwing away the garbage out to the dumpsters.
Washing the school porch and tidying up the playground.

Factories Cleaning Service

Factories need to dispose of the waste continuously. As the manufacturing keeps going, the waste builds up and the whole factory area stays filled with all the garbage. That is why a permanent cleaning service is necessary there to dispose of and recycle the waste.
Floor cleaning and mopping.
Wiping the glass windows.
Dusting and cleaning the equipment.
Dispose of the waste material.
Recycle plastic and every unnecessary item.
Tidy up the offices thoroughly, dusting, brooming, mopping.
Cleaning bathrooms in detail, without skipping a thing.
Cleaning the front of the factory.

Hospital Cleaning

Hospitals are our health care centres, and you can’t take the risk of keeping them untidy. They need to be constantly sanitized. As the patients come and their 24/7 everyone with a different health problem, they can’t afford another as a bonus of coming to the hospital. The hospitals need to stay clean all the time. Yellow Zone offer cleaning services for hospitals and private clinics.
Sanitized moping in the whole building and in every room.
Cleaning and sanitizing the bathrooms in every room and outside.
Cleaning chairs in the corridors and waiting area.
Dusting the counter.
Changing bedsheets in every room with a clean one.
Wiping the windows.
Dusting the couches and tables in every room.
Taking away the wasted injections, syringes, and bandages.
Emptying the dustbins.
Cleaning and sanitizing the equipment in the operation theatre.
Sanitized mopping and dusting in the operation theatre and emergency room.

Service Quality

The quality of our service would never disappoint you in any way. With our efficient staff and cleaning techniques, we maintain your workspace maintained. Your clients and visitors won’t ever be disappointed. Punctuality and diligence is the key we work on. Make an appointment and tell us what kind of services you are looking for.

Why Choose Us

  • We hire only experienced staff.
  • You would not see any negligence from our staff.
  • They know how to handle and clean sensitive pieces of equipment.
  • They are diligent and active in their work.
  • You won’t need to face any tardiness from their side.
  • Your office, school, hotel, hospital, or whatever it is, will be taken care of.
  • We provide cleaning services for every commercial sector.
  • Our staff is trained according to the requirement of every commercial site.